Never before has an individual line represented so much spirit and soul. The fabric and threads in each Vintage Wholesale piece have been aged for a minimum of two decades, giving each piece its distinctive feel and individual look.

Vintage Wholesale Men’s Collection Each piece in the Men’s Collection has lived through some of the most unique events and places in time. To obtain the perfect fit and look some shirts have been through the wild rodeos of West, Texas to the fast pace bright lights of clubs like Studio 54 in the New […]

Vintage Accessories Each piece in the Accessories Collection is 100% Recycled. Each piece has been carefully and specifically selected to create a unique and memorable fashion experience. Every thread is a link to the identity that formed the character and emotion of each garment. The individual comfort and fit encompasses the movement and evolution of […]

Vintage Wholesale Outerwear Collection Vintage Wholesale Outerwear collection for both men and women is a one of a kind collection of jackets, sweaters, vests, overcoats and more. Take a look at some of the MISC. • Men’s Leather Jackets • Women’s Leather Jackets • Suit Vests • Denim Vests • Suit Blazers • Tuxedo Blazers […]