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Vintage Wholesale Men’s Collection

Each piece in the Men’s Collection has lived through some of the most unique events and places in time. To obtain the perfect fit and look some shirts have been through the wild rodeos of West, Texas to the fast pace bright lights of clubs like Studio 54 in the New York City. Never before has an individual line represented so much spirit and soul as most pieces have already lived more exhilarating lives then their prospective owners may ever dream of. It is all in the distinctive feel and individual look that set this line apart from the others.

• Army Shirts
• Banlons
• Men’s Disco Shirts
• Men’s Retro Shirts
• Boy Scout Shirts
• Sport Shirts
• T-Shirts
• Guyaberas
• Hawaiian Shirts
• Tuxedo Shirts
• Western Shirts
• Flannel Shirts
• Lacoste Polos
• Hippie Shirts OUTERWEAR
• Light 80’s Jackets
• Military Jackets
• Field Jackets
• Track Jackets
• Members Only/80’s
• Vintage Suit Coat
• Tuxedo Jacket
• Work Jacket
• Leisure Suit Jacket
• Leather Jackets
• Denim Jackets
• Trench Coats
• Sweatshirts
• Baja’s/Ethnic Wear
• Lacoste Sweaters
• Insulated Jean Jackets PANTS
• Men’s Poly Pants
• Cords
• Men’s Jeans -70s
• Levi 501, 517
• Boot cut Lee, Levi,
• Wrangler Denim
• Tuxedo Pants
• Work Pants
• Checkered Poly Pants
• Western Poly Pants
• Vintage Dress Pants

Take a look at some of our featured vintage mixes for men: