Vintage Belts

Vintage Accessories

Each piece in the Accessories Collection is 100% Recycled. Each piece has been carefully and specifically selected to create a unique and memorable fashion experience. Every thread is a link to the identity that formed the character and emotion of each garment. The individual comfort and fit encompasses the movement and evolution of time from the past to the present.

• Silk Scarves
• Knit Scarves
• Men’s Ties
• Tux accessories
• Bow-Ties
• Trucker Caps
• Men’s Vintage Hats
• Knit Caps
• Hand Bags
• Military Bags
• Men’s Cowboy Boots
• Women’s Cowboy Boots
• 80’s Slouch Boots
• Women’s Dress Shoes
• Men’s Zip-up Maude Boots
• Men’s Dress Shoes
• Leather Baja Sandals
• 80’s Elastic Stretch Belts
• Leather Belts
• Costume Belts