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Vintage Wholesale Women’s Collection

Never before has an individual line represented so much spirit and soul. The fabric and threads in each Vintage Wholesale piece have been aged for a minimum of two decades, giving each piece its distinctive feel and individual look. It is all in the distinctive quality and individual look that set this line apart from the others.

• Poly shirts
• Western Shirts
• Delicate Tops
• Scout Shirts
• Hippy Tops
•Ethnic Tops
• T-shirts

• Vintage Elastic
• Wrap Skirts
• Hippie Skirts
• Denim Skirts
• Long Skirts
• Plaid Skirts

• Poly Party dress
• Antique Dress Mix
•Cotton Dress Mix
• 50’s House Dress Mix
• 80’s Prom Dress Mix
• Summer Strapped Mix

• Sweaters
• Car Coats
• 80’s Lightweight Jackets
• Faux Fur
• Leather Coats
• Trench Coats
• Sweatshirts
• Baja’s /Ethnic Wear
• Denim Jackets

• Women’s Cords
• 80’s Color Denim
• 70’s Jeans
• 70’s Polyester

Take a look at some of our featured mixes:

Boy's Retro Clothing

Vintage Wholesale Men’s Collection

Each piece in the Men’s Collection has lived through some of the most unique events and places in time. To obtain the perfect fit and look some shirts have been through the wild rodeos of West, Texas to the fast pace bright lights of clubs like Studio 54 in the New York City. Never before has an individual line represented so much spirit and soul as most pieces have already lived more exhilarating lives then their prospective owners may ever dream of. It is all in the distinctive feel and individual look that set this line apart from the others.

• Army Shirts
• Banlons
• Men’s Disco Shirts
• Men’s Retro Shirts
• Boy Scout Shirts
• Sport Shirts
• T-Shirts
• Guyaberas
• Hawaiian Shirts
• Tuxedo Shirts
• Western Shirts
• Flannel Shirts
• Lacoste Polos
• Hippie Shirts OUTERWEAR
• Light 80’s Jackets
• Military Jackets
• Field Jackets
• Track Jackets
• Members Only/80’s
• Vintage Suit Coat
• Tuxedo Jacket
• Work Jacket
• Leisure Suit Jacket
• Leather Jackets
• Denim Jackets
• Trench Coats
• Sweatshirts
• Baja’s/Ethnic Wear
• Lacoste Sweaters
• Insulated Jean Jackets PANTS
• Men’s Poly Pants
• Cords
• Men’s Jeans -70s
• Levi 501, 517
• Boot cut Lee, Levi,
• Wrangler Denim
• Tuxedo Pants
• Work Pants
• Checkered Poly Pants
• Western Poly Pants
• Vintage Dress Pants

Take a look at some of our featured vintage mixes for men:

Vintage Belts

Vintage Accessories

Each piece in the Accessories Collection is 100% Recycled. Each piece has been carefully and specifically selected to create a unique and memorable fashion experience. Every thread is a link to the identity that formed the character and emotion of each garment. The individual comfort and fit encompasses the movement and evolution of time from the past to the present.

• Silk Scarves
• Knit Scarves
• Men’s Ties
• Tux accessories
• Bow-Ties
• Trucker Caps
• Men’s Vintage Hats
• Knit Caps
• Hand Bags
• Military Bags
• Men’s Cowboy Boots
• Women’s Cowboy Boots
• 80’s Slouch Boots
• Women’s Dress Shoes
• Men’s Zip-up Maude Boots
• Men’s Dress Shoes
• Leather Baja Sandals
• 80’s Elastic Stretch Belts
• Leather Belts
• Costume Belts

Womens Jackets

Vintage Wholesale Outerwear Collection

Vintage Wholesale Outerwear collection for both men and women is a one of a kind collection of jackets, sweaters, vests, overcoats and more. Take a look at some of the

• Men’s Leather Jackets
• Women’s Leather Jackets
• Suit Vests
• Denim Vests
• Suit Blazers
• Tuxedo Blazers
• Faux Fur
• 80’s Ski Jackets
• 80’s Ski Vests
• Military Jackets
• 70’s Leisure Suit Coat
• Ugly Ski Sweater
• Cardigan Sweater’s
• V-kneck Sweater
• Sweater Vests
• Baja Ethnic
• Track Jackets
• Hooded Sweatshirts
• Vintage Sweatshirts
• Costume Jackets

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how to wear those biker boots

Motorcycle boots are back.

What, you might ask, motorcycle boots, flannel, Nirvana? Is it that time already, 1991 exactly 20 years ago where fashion trails or highlights itself with some sort of daunting shadow.

Many different women and girls wonder what the best way to wear motorcycle boots is for their particular style and lets not forget, wardrobe. The quick and easy solution is wear them with something skinny, when I say skinny , I mean like skinny jeans or leggings. If you want you can wear a long blouse to cover your ass, or you can wear something small to show it off. If you are uncomfortable with tight pants then try a mini skirt or small dress. Everybody is rocking some sort of boot, whether it is a fashion boot, cowboy boot, motorcycle boot, ad even Doc Martin boot if you think your hipster wardrobe can handle it.
mortocycle boots fashion

austin texas vintage clothing stores

Austin is the state of Texas’ capital city, but it also one of the most interesting cities in the south.

Keep Austin Weird,” is a favorite slogan of locals and travelers alike. With a rich and eclectic culture of art and music most Austonians are a bit more laid back than the average Texan. That might be due to the fact that University of Texas is located in Downtown Austin with over 50 thousand graduate and under graduate students. Austin has also been one of Americas fastest growing cities in the past 10 years entertaining all sorts of transplants from not just California and Colorado, but all around the rest of the great states. Austin has a great collection of restaurants, bars, night life and shopping including Vintage Clothing and thrift shops alike. If you are looking for a great one of a kind vintage dress, t-shirt, pair of boots or more in Austin you are in luck.

Top 10 Austin Texas Vintage Clothing Shops

1. Cream Vintage – Vintage Clothing, accessories, records, and in store alterations
2532 Guadalupe Street, Austin
(512) 474-8787

2. Blue Velvet – Vintage Clothing and retro accessories
217 W. North Loop, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 452-2583

3.Electric Lady Land – Vintage costume rental
1506 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX
(512) 444-2002

4. Dakota Vintage – Vintage Clothing and accessories
1126 1/2 W 6th St., Austin, TX
(512) 477-2022

5. Flashback – Vintage clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes
1805 S 1st St, Austin, TX
(512) 445-6906

6.New Bohemia – Vintage clothing, recycled clothing, accessories,
1606 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX
(512) 326-1238

7. Hog Wild Texas Vintage – Vintage Clothing, accessories, collectibles
100 E North Loop blvd #A, Austin, TX
(512) 467-9453

8. Cream South -Vintage Clothing, accessories, records, ins tore alterations
1714 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX
(512) 462-3000

9. Plumage Vintage & Alterations – Vintage clothing and alterations
1704 East 5th Street, Austin, TX
(512) 810-9897

10. Buffalo Exchange – Vintage and recycled clothing and accessories
2904 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX
(512) 480-9922

Check out the Map Below for locations of Vintage Clothing Stores in Austin

Courtesy of Google Maps

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Vintage Wholesale Faux Furr

Vintage Faux Fur Coats

Great for costume wear or everyday fashionable wear the Vintage Faux Fur Jacket is a timeless piece that is great for every decade. Furs mixes come with solid and with animal prints.

Antique Cotton Frocks

Vintage Cotton Frocks

Vintage cotton dresses from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. All the dresses in the collection are cute and sexy. Each dress is one of kind and a hard find. Some are strapy, some more formal, and some are great to wear around the house and out shopping. A great mix of dresses for all around comfort and style.

Vintage Military Jackets

Vintage US Military Jackets

Vintage Military Jackets. The Military Collection is a great collection of classic military pieces from the past. The collection consists of Classic military green jackets to heavy camo field jackets. Also available military pants.ets. Also available military pants.

Vintage Polyester Dresses

Vintage Disco and Formal Seventies Dresses

Sexy Vintage 60’s and 70’s Polyester Dress Mix. each dress is one of a kind with a true generational feel. Some are strapy, some are mod, some are just plain cool and stylish.