recycled school girl skirts

Vintage Plaid School Girl Skirts

From the Kilt, to the flannel, to the school girl skirt. Plaid Skirts are always in style. This season don’t miss out on this great Dust Factory Collection of vintage plaid skirts from ladies. The collection ranges from knee length wool skirts to mini school girl styles.

vintage corduroy dress pants wholesale

Vintage Cord Pants

Dating back to the Revolutionary war, corduroy has undergone multiple utilities and phases. Next to jeans, one of the most functional pants from the 70’s and 80’s, corduroy holds a strong presence in the fashion world today. Spanning many decades, ages and styles, Cush Corduroy provides casual comfort with a vintage wear and fit. The small whales and soft fibers reflect the quality of earlier times, leaving a strong foundation for continuous wear. The Cush Corduroy collection offers Lee, Levi, and Wrangler brands with flare, and straight leg styles.

vintage denim jeans

Vintage Levi Denim Jeans

There is no modern technology that could produce or duplicate the ideal fit generated from years of breaking in a pair of great Levi’s. It takes decades of work and wear to create just the right whiskers, fade, and fashionable age. Providing true vintage Levi’s in styles 517 and 501, this collection focuses on the idea of comfort and age to produce the most timeless identity known to any denim line.

Vintage Polyester Pants

Retro Disco Pants

Vintage Polyester Pants were a joy to wear in the 70’s as opposed to the old rayon suits of the 50’6 & 60’s. These comfortable stretch polyester wonders are a must have for any complete vintage collection. The Vintage Disco Polyester Pant comes in a combination of funky 70’s plaids and patterns, to a casual seventies solid flair.

Vintage Banlon Shirt

Mens Italian Knit Style Shirts

Banlon is a trademark used for knitted and woven fabrics made from artificially crimped yarn. A reminiscence from the 60’s and 70’s, Bangtail Banlons reflect a past style and culture from school children, to prepsters to grandpas. This functional and comfortable shirt introduced the role of cuffs around the arms and waistbands to create a more neat and tailored fit for an un-tucked shirt. Banlon’s knit fabric maximizes fit and enhances any casual attire.

Vintage Clothing Store

Counter Culture Vintage Store: Deep Ellum

With the youth of yesterday and today getting older and spending more time and money in today’s economy, more retail shops in the future will need to change their format to cater to consumer needs of tomorrow. The generation of consumers is still very present however today more and more shoppers are ecologically observant on their habits. To cater to the shoppers of the future it is prevalent that more hip urban shops, and vintage clothing stores will open in the days to come. It is no secret that the mark up in a vintage clothing store is different than that of most typical retail shops, some feel that the margin of profit on the merchandise is well worth the time and effort spent acquiring it. This is because it is common for most retail shops to get anywhere from an 80% -150% mark up on items purchased from a wholesaler, where it is not un-common for a vintage shop to get anywhere from a 200%, up to even 500% on sell-able items.

Vintage Leather Jackets

Vintage Leather Jackets

The profit margin and overall global impact of operating a vintage store is quite a bit better than that of a typical retail shop, not including the expenses in the time and effort used to find the merchandise. Perhaps this is what draws individuals to this industry in the first place. The clientele for a vintage clothing store doesn’t generally mind the mark up, because they know that it is virtually impossible to go anywhere with such a selection of particular items that they are searching for. It is then up to the Shop itself to add a hip environment that will draw their clientele to them. Most successful vintage clothing stores offer a unique environment with a distinct personality that remind customers of when shopping use to be a great experience.

Vintage T-shirts

Vintage Tees On Display

As our culture becomes even more shopping obsessed, vintage clothing stores are helping to inject culture back into commerce. Because of this most vintage clothing stores can be found in cultural walking plazas that draw a daily clientele to tattoo shops art galleries or other interesting surrounding shops. With existing vintage stores in the market and more to come in the future, ways for buyers to obtain merchandise will have to evolve as well. The ideal situation for these stores would be to keep the same mark up, reduce the cost of storage, and save time on finding the merchandise that will fill the racks. One way to do this is to give the opportunity for shop buyers to purchase items in a similar format to that of a typical retail shop.

Recycled Fashion and 80’s Stretch Belts

Accessorize any outfit with a vintage fashion belt from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Braided, solid, chain, stretch and many other designs.

Vintage Cotton Dress Shirts

Men’s Vintage Cotton Dress Shirts

Vintage Cotton Shirts. Through the 60’s and the 70’s the cotton shirt remained a classic. Whether worn in the office, casually with denim, or for a night out on the town this shirt has more world wide appeal than any other. Our collection of Cotton shirts continues to display the same versatility, comfort, and endless style that they invariably have. What was once worn in the office may now strut its stuff on the dance floor, but the mix of plain, geometric and novelty prints complimented by the enduring comfort of cotton and cotton blends perseveres.

Wholesale Vintage Boots
Vintage Western and Cowboy boots are a great item for your vintage boutique or online vintage store.

Cowboy Boots

Each Boot has its own unique style and appeal. From the deserts of southern Arizona to the downtown night clubs in Texas each pair of western boots has left its mark. Already worn in for the perfect fit and comfort recycled boots can can offer an excellent experience for anyone so obliged. Each pair is unique with its own flair.

Market Price: $16 lb

Order Vintage Boots Today

Vintage 80's Prom Dress Wholesale

80’s Fashion & Prom Style Dresses

Vintage Wholesale fun eighties dresses. Watch out for a look that can only define a decade. A decade of loud colors, loud designs and unforgettable fashion. This vintage 80’s Prom dress mix is a great party mix for the conservative, but also a great everyday mix for the fashion forward little hipster girls that are not afraid to take a risk and set the trends back to what they once were. All these dresses are 1 of a kind, and absolutely sexy. As sexy as sexy can be from the 80’s.