Vintage Dresses

Antique Vintage Frocks

Vintage Dresses are fun and elegant to wear and behold. They are each a cool, sexy, classic. Each dress in the Silk and Crepe Antique Dress mix is a genuine delight to behold. The craftsmanship in these dresses from the 40’s & 50’s reminds us when time and effort were both key to designing a good formal dress. This mix is hard to come by so put in your order now, or wait on the waiting list.

Vintage Leather Jackets

Authentic Leather Outerwear

Recycled Leather Jackets from the 1960’s -1980’s are great pieces for anyone’s collection. They range from the classic Bomber Jackets, motorcycle Jackets, leather blazers, trenches, to the sought after leather tag collections. Men and women both enjoy the solid feel and protection you can get while wearing a good leather jacket. The vintage leather jackets are the best on account of the years that they have already been worn in. Like a great fitting pair of vintage jeans, the vintage leather jacket is a must for have for any collection.

vintage belts

Leather Belts

The recycled leather belt is a great accessory for any vintage buyers collection. Plain, western, detailed and more. Some of the belts come with buckles, but for the most part buckles are purchased separately. Vintage leather belts range from size 29inch to 39inch waist.

Vintage T shirts Wholesale
The US fighter pilots in the south pacific during WWII made undershirts fashionable when they decorated them with their old military slogans, Since then people long for the feeling a perfect t-shirt, light and soft, thin and timeless. Each T-shirt has been worn and recycled for a minimum of 18 years to produce the perfect feel and perfect fit. Each shirt in the collection reflects a piece of history and a bit of personality from those who came before. Besides selecting size and color, years of hard wear has provided all the work.

Vintage Scout Shirts

Vintage Scout Shirts

Vintage Scout Shirts. There is nothing like a cute little boy scout shirt on a girl that say’s “I’m Cool, Sexy and as supporter of higher fashion. Each shirt is one a kind with original patches and den info. Super Cool, Super Sexy.

Vintage hawaiin shirts

Authentic Vintage Aloha Shirts

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts. Take us back to the original cabin cruiser shirt. Or how about that those famous Elvis movies in the islands. The Hawaiian shirt is to the islanders what the western shirt is to the south, a defining fashion icon piece that say’s allot more about where you have been and who you are than any other piece in your wardrobe.

vintage disco tops

Women’s authentic 1970’s and 1980’s recycled vintage delicate disco glitter style tops. Different tops are garnished with either beads, sequins, glitter, fringe an more. This vintage ladies blouse mix will take you right back to studio 54 and write in front of the band.

Collar T-shirt

Three Button Polo Shirt

Vintage Polo Shirts Take a t-shirt to the next level with this 3 button collar tee. Used by tennis players and golfers alike, the three button collar tee is a timeless American tradition. Mixes include Izod, Lacoste, Polo, Le tigre, and other classic vintage styles and designs for the 70’s & 80’s.

Vintage Cowboy Shirts

Cowboy Pearl Snap Shirts

Vintage western shirts have always been an icon in the fashion industry. From the Gold Rush of 1848 to the last performance of Johnny Cash, the legendary “cowboy shirt” has withstood the test of time. Throughout history, pioneers have been busy breaking in and showing off these comfortable, cotton, western cut, pearl snapped shirts. Worn as both a practical work shirt and a flashy costume piece, the Vintage Western encompasses the fit and feel of the past while lending itself to the growing style of today.

Vintage Track Jackets

Retro Workout Jackets

Blood, sweat, and tears is key for any good work out and the ingredients that create a perfect fitting Track Jacket. This collection comes to you from high school locker rooms of small town, Ohio to the streets of downtown, New York. Cotton, polyester, and acrylic blends make up this group of sporty and fashionable outerwear. The combination of familiarity and comfort with unique style creates a look that everyone can make their own.