Vintage Dresses $12 a Pound for a Limited Time

Our Vintage Wholesale buyers have just come across one of the best collections of vintage dresses that we have seen in years. Each dress is an authentic one of a kind piece from the early 1950’s – to the early 1980’s. The Vintage Wholesale Vintage dress collection features metal zipper house dresses and gown’s as well as 60’s and 80’s party dresses, mod dresses and much more. (minimum of 25 LB purchase) pay $12.00... Read More

Vintage Polyester Shirts

Men’s Vintage Disco Dress Shirts Vintage Polyester Shirts. Want to re create that never ending party that was the 70’s, think polyester! These shirts have their roots in the revolution of color, style, expression and disco. The Vintage Polyester brings with it the freedoms of individuality, along with the longevity that only polyester material can offer- not to mention those enormous collars! Plain, printed, understated or loud, this... Read More