Vintage Jeans

Vintage Levi Denim Jeans There is no modern technology that could produce or duplicate the ideal fit generated from years of breaking in a pair of great Levi’s. It takes decades of work and wear to create just the right whiskers, fade, and fashionable age. Providing true vintage Levi’s in styles 517 and 501, this collection focuses on the idea of comfort and age to produce the most timeless identity known to any denim line.  Read More

LEVI STRAUSS & CO. : About the Label

In 1847 Levi Strauss immigrated to the united states from the country of Bavaria. His family had dry goods business that he worked at in New York until 1853, at which time he left for the mighty Gold rush in California, but not to stake his claim in gold but to expand his families dry goods business. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis of Nevada applied a patent for a design that Davis came up with for reinforcing pants. The design included placing metal... Read More

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