Vintage Corduroy Pants

Vintage Cord Pants Dating back to the Revolutionary war, corduroy has undergone multiple utilities and phases. Next to jeans, one of the most functional pants from the 70’s and 80’s, corduroy holds a strong presence in the fashion world today. Spanning many decades, ages and styles, Cush Corduroy provides casual comfort with a vintage wear and fit. The small whales and soft fibers reflect the quality of earlier times, leaving a strong... Read More

Vintage Jeans

Vintage Levi Denim Jeans There is no modern technology that could produce or duplicate the ideal fit generated from years of breaking in a pair of great Levi’s. It takes decades of work and wear to create just the right whiskers, fade, and fashionable age. Providing true vintage Levi’s in styles 517 and 501, this collection focuses on the idea of comfort and age to produce the most timeless identity known to any denim line.  Read More

Vintage Polyester Pants

Retro Disco Pants Vintage Polyester Pants were a joy to wear in the 70’s as opposed to the old rayon suits of the 50’6 & 60’s. These comfortable stretch polyester wonders are a must have for any complete vintage collection. The Vintage Disco Polyester Pant comes in a combination of funky 70’s plaids and patterns, to a casual seventies solid flair.  Read More

Adidas : About the Label

Adidas was founded in 1947 by Adi Dassler in Germany. Adi Dassler started making shoes in the 1920’s but did not start Adidas until 1947. In 1948 they came up with the name Adidas – as a shortened version of Dessler’s name. The next year the company registered the three stripes as their trademark logo. Adidas started to produce sports clothing in the 1967. In the 80’s Adidas was made popular in the United States when up... Read More

H bar C : About the Label

H bar C is one of the classic labels you will find in western wear shirts dating back to the early 1900’s. H bar C was founded when two tailors named Halpern and Christenfielf, started out making riding clothing in 1917. In 1935 they opened a western branch to make and market thier riding clothes. They later changed the name of the label to H bar C with the intention of giving the name more of a western flair. H bar C is known for making clothing... Read More

Arrow: About the Label

Authentic American Style In 1825, A New York Housewife named Hannah Lord Montaque in Troy was looking for an easier way to keep her husband’s shirts looking fresh without having to launder them, and stumbled upon the detachable shirt collar. The idea took off like wild fires and made Troy the center fore collar manufacturing. Among the companies making collars was Maullin & Blanchard, a small business that started production in 1851. ... Read More

Nike: About the Label

Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Back before the Swoosh logo and long before the days we were called Nike, there was Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). It wasn’t until 1971 that BRS introduced the concept of the Greek winged Goddess of victory—Nike. “In December 1980 we went public. And the rest is history.” From Nike was one of the first athletic companies to heavily brand and market its athletic shoes,... Read More

B.V.D: About the Label

In 1876, Bradley, Voorhees & Day started out as makers of women’s bustels. In the late 1920’s they started manufacturing bathing suits from knit wool after years making knit underwear fro men and women. They sponserd Olympic swimmer John Weissmuller who made a number of appearences promoting the BVD brand. In the 60’s the company moved on to make spotsclothes and tee shirts. Many cool vintage t-shirts are printed on BVD tee shirt... Read More

8 Effective Stain Removals

Vintage Clothes can have a multitude of stains as a result of their journey over the years, this does not mean that the garments are no longer good, it just means that is time to buck down and be smarter than the stains. The following are tried and proven techniques to getting some of those common 8 pesky stains out of that one of kind garment. Acrylic Paint: Remove acrylic paint from clothes with pine cleaner. Soak, scrub, repeat.... Read More

That Old Vintage Look

Most people in the United States can tell the difference between a classic 1957 Chevrolet Bellaire sedan, and a 1974 ford citation. Sure they are both used cars over 25 years old. However you don’t need to be a collector to tell that the differences in these two vehicles go way beyond the original factory listings. One is a classic vehicle, much like a vintage wine, it gains value as time goes by, while the other is not much more than it’s... Read More