Vintage Clothing Stores in Austin Texas

Austin is the state of Texas’ capital city, but it also one of the most interesting cities in the south. “Keep Austin Weird,” is a favorite slogan of locals and travelers alike. With a rich and eclectic culture of art and music most Austonians are a bit more laid back than the average Texan. That might be due to the fact that University of Texas is located in Downtown Austin with over 50 thousand graduate and under graduate students.... Read More

That Old Vintage Look

Most people in the United States can tell the difference between a classic 1957 Chevrolet Bellaire sedan, and a 1974 ford citation. Sure they are both used cars over 25 years old. However you don’t need to be a collector to tell that the differences in these two vehicles go way beyond the original factory listings. One is a classic vehicle, much like a vintage wine, it gains value as time goes by, while the other is not much more than it’s... Read More