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Vintage SupplierAt Vintagewholesale.com we have been working with clothing recyclers for over 10 years mastering the process of sorting and grading one of a kind vintage pieces from our past. Over the years we have come up with a formula that has been profitable merge between the clothing graders and the vintage shop buyer. Our mission is not easy but the results are rewarding. Each month we save over 15k pounds of clothing from being put into land fills, separating out what is desired and sought after in the used clothing markets. We work with a number of different rag houses across the Untied States who expedite our orders with quality vintage products and services.

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Ordering Information

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Vintage Clothing Wholesale By the Piece or Pound

  • Large Bulk buyers (minimum of 1000 LB purchase)
  • Mid Tier Buyers (minimum of 500 LB purchase)
  • Small Buyers (minimum of 100 piece purchase)
  • Novice Buyers (minimum of 25 piece purchase)

**Certain items have a different price break down per lb. Check item listing or with sales rep if you have questions.

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We love to pass on what we have learned working in the Vintage Clothing Industry for the past 15 years. Our desire is to inspire those thinking about getting into recycling fashion and teaching them the tricks of the trade.

For example: Where do certain pieces come from? How do market items that you yourself might not be into? Can you fix it or remove a stain easily? How do you open a vintage store? The VintageWholesale.com News blog is your first and last stop when it comes to leaning about vintage.