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Vintage Wholesale Women’s Collection

Never before has an individual line represented so much spirit and soul. The fabric and threads in each Vintage Wholesale piece have been aged for a minimum of two decades, giving each piece its distinctive feel and individual look. It is all in the distinctive quality and individual look that set this line apart from the others.

• Poly shirts
• Western Shirts
• Delicate Tops
• Scout Shirts
• Hippy Tops
•Ethnic Tops
• T-shirts

• Vintage Elastic
• Wrap Skirts
• Hippie Skirts
• Denim Skirts
• Long Skirts
• Plaid Skirts

• Poly Party dress
• Antique Dress Mix
•Cotton Dress Mix
• 50’s House Dress Mix
• 80’s Prom Dress Mix
• Summer Strapped Mix

• Sweaters
• Car Coats
• 80’s Lightweight Jackets
• Faux Fur
• Leather Coats
• Trench Coats
• Sweatshirts
• Baja’s /Ethnic Wear
• Denim Jackets

• Women’s Cords
• 80’s Color Denim
• 70’s Jeans
• 70’s Polyester

Take a look at some of our featured mixes:

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Current Market Rates:

*Minimum of 1000 LB purchase - $6.00 a LB
*Minimum of 250 LB purchase - $8.00 a LB
*Minimum of 25 LB purchase - TBD
*Minimum of 10 LB purchase - TBD

*minimum per mix, price for most items, Contact Rep for more information

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